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Jan 6, 2021.
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Saving money on prescriptions requires shopping and comparing prices
Many people must choose between paying for prescriptions versus paying for food. 
Shopping at your convenient local pharmacy is often the most expensive
way to buy prescription medications. Everyone benefits when the consumer finds the best deal. Prescription medications are no exception.

Listed below is a link to,
Members can submit prescriptions via and Pharmacies will BID to
fill your prescriptions. 
All pharmacies are licensed in the USA
You will enjoy substantial savings on your prescription costs.

If you have any tips, reports or concerns (good or bad) then, Contact Us. 
Click for Rx Warnings. 

The Food and Drug Administration, FDA, has several internet sites to help
inform the consumer regarding product safety, buying online, counterfeits
and many other related concerns. 
Click for the FDA Website.          Click for FDA Buying Online. 

Have Pharmacies BID for your prescription business.

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