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Dec 19, 2017.
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Body Mass Index

Body Mass Index: Equivalent formulas for your BMI
BMI = Weight in Kg / (Height in Meters)2   or:
BMI = (Weight in Lbs x 704) / (Height in Inches)2

Enter your Height and Weight:
Height Feet:  Inches:  Weight: Lbs:

The National Heart Lung and Blood Institute declares the
Normal Range of the BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9.
(Personally, I prefer the BMI between 22 and 27),
Nevertheless, according to the NHLBI, Your Normal Weight Range is: 

Click for the Body Mass Index Table.

As a Rule of Thumb for Determining a Healthy Weight for your Height:
Start with 110 lbs for 5 Ft in Height
Then, add 5 lbs for every inch you are above 5 Ft.
eg. at 5 Ft 6 Inches, Weight should be 110 + (6 * 5) = 140 lbs.
Popup: the BMI Graph.

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